Service and maintenance of our instruments

We are committed to deliver flaw less products to our customers. All products are manufactured with due care of engineering reliability. All components procured are compiling to standard and are of best quality, However if needed we offer repair and maintenance services to our client During warranty period servicing of the equipment (Ultrasonic Nozzle and Atomizer drive system) will be offered at free of cost in our service center at Kolhapur.

The end consumer/ OEM should bare only one way transportation of the equipment (Ultrasonic Nozzle and Atomizer drive system) to the service center plus insurance for the period of to and fro of the equipment for customer outside Maharashtra/ India.The repaired equipment will be couriered to the customer free of cost.

Repairs of ultrasonic nozzle system of other manufactures

We are working in the research, design and development of ultrasonic nozzle system over past few years. This has developed good expertise in handling these systems. To leverage this expertise to the users of ultrasonic nozzle system we also undertake repairs of the equipment of other than iminds. This is a sincere effort to build trust towards this technology within the customers of ultrasonic nozzle system.

Retrofitting of iminds ultrasonic nozzle systems to OEMs product/ end user’s spray machines

If you are original equipment manufacturer in spray technology based products/ system or if you are having machine that is not using ultrasonic spray nozzles but due to its advantages if you wish to switch to ultrasonic nozzle systems we can be your best partner to retrofit our nozzles in your existing spray system.

Spray services for trail run at our/ your premises

If you are inventing new particle/ molecule or trying to coat on new things and not sure about results we can help you to give you trial run on our ultrasonic nozzle system. We can conduct trail run for you at our premises or at your premises based on situation and specific condition.