About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer innovative, environment friendly products and services which are less costly, effective, high quality, complying standards, minimum recourses consuming in general and less energy consuming in particular.
It is our mission to invent technologies for society at large to succeed in its objectives of better quality of life and contribute to rich human civilization. Engage in business through teamwork and wisdom at last to insure delighted stake holder.

Our Core Values

  • We strongly believe in building trust by unwavering ethics.
  • We recognize the importance of mutual respect and nurturing relationships.
  • We worship knowledge and its application to build ecosystem of inclusion.
  • We deliver our customers innovative, high quality and reliable products, solutions that win confidence of the customer.

The Story of iMinds Technologies

In 2007 few engineers started iMinds Technologies with just INR 10,000. The company was founded to produce platform to deliver innovative solution to society that simplify and bring quality to human life through electronics and computing engineering. Through continues research and Hercules (Bhagirath) efforts on complex technologies the company is opening avenues of high quality and cost effective solutions which otherwise an impossible for self funded organizations, Universities and individuals.